Teufelberger Sirius Reep Cord


Sirius accessory cord is well known as a classic prusik cord. It is soft and flexable allowing easy tying and untying of knots. The flexability makes it perfect for tying prusik and valdotain tresse (VT) hitches. It can be used as a standard accessory cord for multiple uses such as lifting and light rigging. Short sections are great for use in practicing to tie knots.


  • Core: Polyester
  • Cover: Polyester
  • Braid: 32
  • 8mm
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 14.4 kN (3240 lbf)
    • Weight: 50 g/m (3.4 lb / 100 ft)
    • Colors: Black/Green, Grey/Green
    • Certifications: CE EN564:2006
  • 10mm
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 24 kN (5390 lbf)
    • Weight: 70.9 g/m (4.8 lb / 100 ft)
    • Colors: Black/Red, Grey/Green
    • Certifications: ANSI Z133-2012