BlueWater Sewn Prusik Loop


Safer and more convenient than tied prusiks. Safer because there is no knot that could become loose. More convenient since there is no bulk of a knot. These are strong and easy to use. Heat shrink protects the double tacked sewn section of the loop. Sewn with 277 polyester thread.

Tensile Strength

  • 6.5mm: 3,200 lbf
  • 7.0mm: 4,500 lbf
  • 8.0mm: 5,000 lbf

Available Lengths

  • 6.5mm: 20in, 44in, 68in (brown or blue)
  • 7.0mm: 18in, 24in, 68in (red or yellow)
  • 8.0mm: 18in, 24in (blue or yellow)