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Rope Rescue Risk Management

Rope Rescue involves risk. Rope skills are technical and if not performed properly can result in serious injury or death. Risk also comes from environmental conditions such as bad weather and low visibility. Rescue requires an immediacy in order to save a life which can cloud judgement. How can thi... read more

Rope Rescue or Rope Access? What is the Difference?

What is the difference between rope access and rope rescue? Is rope access training the same as rope rescue training or are they different?Rope Access is a form of work positioning which uses practical rope work to allow workers to access difficult to reach locations without the use of additional ... read more

Rock Exotica Pirate Carabiner showing strength rating

How Strong Is Your Equipment?

We often get asked about the strength of rope rescue and rope access equipment. When seeing a new piece of equipment the first question is often, "How strong is this?" This sounds like a simple question but the answer is more complicated.It is common to think all products are manufactured the exac... read more

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