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Rope Rescue and Rappelling. What is the difference?

We often hear a lot of confusion over the terms 'rappelling' and 'rescue'. What is the difference? In simple terms, rescue is a way to help someone from a dangerous situation. Rappelling, or abseiling, is an access method. Rappelling is a way to use equipment to go from a higher position to a lower... read more

RPM Systems. Are they still relevant?

We have previously written about some of the differences between rope rescue and rope access. Another major difference is rope rescue work is focused around team skills whereas rope access is mostly focused on individual skills. Rope rescue uses teams to raise and lower a rescuer and patient. An ea... read more

Mountain Rescue Pickoff Rescue

Rope Rescue Risk Management

Rope Rescue involves risk. Rope skills are technical and if not performed properly can result in serious injury or death. Risk also comes from environmental conditions such as bad weather and low visibility. Rescue requires an immediacy in order to save a life which can cloud judgement. How can thi... read more


Confined Space

Rope Rescue


Rope Access

Rope Access



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