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Anchor plates and o-rings allow a rope system to be better organized. Anchor plates have numerous attachment points to connect ropes, carabiners and other types of rigging hardware.

Anchor plates allow for easier construction of an anchor system where multiple anchor points are connected together to share the load and provide redundancy.

The holes in an anchor plate also allow spacing between attached equipment making it easier to connect and disconnect individual pieces especially while under load. Without an anchor plate, equipment can jam together making operating a rope system more difficult.

Anchor plates also allow a rope system to be stored as a pre-rigged system allowing for quicker and safer use when needed. Commonly used sets of equipment can be kept connected together inside of an equipment bag ready to use when needed. Keeping equipment pre-rigged also helps reduce human error which might occur when connecting equipment under a stressful situation.

Anchor plates and usually manufactured from aluminum alloy but steel and stainless steel versions also exist. O-rings are available in both aluminum alloy and steel version.

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