Thailand Royal Forest Department Arborist Training

Thailand Royal Forest Department Arborist Training

Sea Air Thai is proud to be working together with the Thai Government’s Royal Forest Department to improve the tree climbing skills of forestry staff and scholars. The Royal Forest Department was first established in 1896 and is in charge of monitoring, researching, and conserving the forest land of Thailand. As the leaders of tree care in Thailand, in 2016 the Thai government established a policy to improve the urban tree care skills of the staff of the Royal Forest Department.

As part of this policy, the Royal Forest Department is improving skill by introducing modern techniques and equipment. This allows tree workers to perform their jobs safer, faster, and more efficiently. In recent training, Sea Air Thai worked to introduce the staff to single rope (SRT) systems using equipment such as the Rock Exotica Akimbo and ISC Rope Wrench. Previous to this, most tree climbing was done on double rope (DdRT) systems using prusik climbing and other traditional techniques. Moving to more modern equipment uses less energy, saves time, and reduces the chance of human error. More modern equipment also improves the ability to respond to an injured climber in case of an emergency. Skills practiced included ascending and descending, limb walking, and basic rigging.

The training was conducted at the Northeastern Forest Research and Development Center of the Royal Forest Department. This center is a comprehensive arboretum learning and practice center. Additional skills taught were the selection of wood species, correct tree pruning, and also the care and prevention of diseases and pests. Most importantly, the center allows for the practice of arboriculture in a natural setting.

Sea Air Thai looks forward to continuing to work together with the staff of the Royal Forest Department in the future.

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