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The Aztek pulley set is a multiple use pre-rigged 4:1 or 5:1 pulley system designed for rope rescue, rope access, and anywhere where mechanical advantage is needed.

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The Aztek pulley set is a multiple use pre-rigged pulley system designed for rope rescue, rope access, and anywhere where mechanical advantage is needed. The pre-rigged design makes it ready for use minimizing lost time and the potential for improper rigging. Depending on orientation, the system provides an easy to use 4:1 or 5:1 system that can be converted into a 12:1 if needed with the addition of a single pulley and carabiner.

  • Aluminum Sheave: Aluminum sheave provides long term wear resistance while minimizing weight.
  • Ball Bearing Construction: Pulley sheave mounted on ball bearings for maximum efficiency.
  • CE Certification: Testing performed by an independent lab to ensure the product meets the appropriate specification.
  • Certification: Certified to EN 12278 – Montaineering equipment – Pulleys
  • Certification: Certified to EN 795 – Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor Devices
  • CMC Machined: CNC machined construction from aluminum billet.
  • Integrated Swivel: Built in swivel allows the equipment to orientate itself and removes potential for unwanted torque
  • Subdued Color: Available in black for tactical military and police operations.

The Rock Exotica AZTEK, AriZona Technician’s Edge Kit, pulley set was invented by Rope Rescue Instructor Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue. The first versions were made in the late 1990s. The first versions were simply an edge kit to protect someone standing near an edge. It later improved to using both ends of the rope. One end for personal travel restraint and the other end for system use as a lightweight “set-of-fours” pulley system. As time passed, new technology such as stitched accessory cords were added. This allowed a complete pre-rigged system that could easily be carried by a rope accesss technician or rescuer. It became a rope multi-tool.

The personal end of the rope is rigged with a shock absorbing prusik for safety at an edge. The pulley end is set up as a 4:1 (or 5:1 depending on how it is used) pulley system. The AZTEK can be used as a pick off, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, high angle attendant tether, high angle litter scoop, load release hitch and much more. Each pulley is color coded to match with a corresponding prusik for quick identification. The AZTEK pulleys are machined from solid aluminum, feature swivel connection points, and utilize high efficiency ball bearings for both the pulley sheaves and swivel.

The complete system includes two Aztek pulleys, 50ft 8mm Main Rope, Two Prusiks, a travel restrict Prusik, and a compact bag to carry it all in for rapid deployment. If additional mechanical advantage is needed, a 12:1 system can be created using the AZTEK and a Rock Exotica 1.1 Omni-Block Pulley.

The AZTEK system is also available from CMC Pro as the AZTEK ProSeries System which features upgraded components and is UL Classified to NFPA 1983 (2017 ED)


  • Aztek Pulley Sheave Diameter: 1.1 inch (28mm)
  • Maximum Rope Diameter: 8mm
  • Maximum Breaking Strength: 36kN
  • Working Load Limit: 3kN Human Load (5kN non-Live Load)
  • Certifications: CE EN12278, EN795


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