CMC Rappel 8


Just right for tactical teams, climbers, cavers, and sport rappelers, the CMC Rappel 8 is a more compact design version of the CMC Rescue 8. It offers much better control on modern rappel ropes between 9.5 and 11mm.

The ears on the CMC Rappel 8 serve two major purposes. They provide an additional safety to prevent a rope from slipping over the top and forming a ‘girth hitch’. If this happens during use, the rope will lock in place and the user will no longer be able to descend. The ears also make it easier to lock off the figure 8. This is useful if the user needs to stop in one position. It allows the user to safely use his hands for other tasks without having to physically hold the rope to keep control.

The Rappel 8 is machined from a 12.5-mm (1/2-inch) aluminum plate. The use of 12.5mm aluminum plate gives the Rappel 8 more mass to provide better heat dissipation keeping it cooler than Figure 8s made from thinner material.

The Rappel 8 uses CMC’s superior proprietary finish for even longer wear resistance. This finish is incredibly durable which makes the Rappel 8 last longer in situations of heavy use such as multiple rappels involving teaching students or when used with dirty ropes. This finish also prevents transfer of material onto the rope, common with bare aluminum components. After years of heavy use, products using CMC’s finish continue to be used without showing any indication of the finish wearing through.

  • Weight: 164g (5.8oz)
  • Large Hole Size: 51mm (2 in)
  • Rope Size: 9.5-11mm (3/8-7/16in)
  • Color: Black
  • Rating: NFPA Technical Use

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