CMC Steel/Chrome Rescue 8


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The CMC Rescue 8 is a perfect choice for training or heavy use. It is similar to Rescue 8s offered by other suppliers but uses special coatings and finishes to make it much more durable. The CMC Rescue 8 has been designed for better performance with modern rescue ropes. Older Rescue 8 designs were large since they were designed to be used with rope up to 16mm in size. Since smaller ropes are now used, the Rescue 8 can be made smaller to make it easier for the user to control their descent.

The ears on the Rescue 8 serve two major purposes. They provide an additional safety to prevent a rope from slipping over the top and forming a ‘girth hitch’. If this happens during use, the rope will lock in place and the user will no longer be able to descend. The ears also make it easier to lock off the figure 8. This is useful if the user needs to stop in one position. It allows the user to safely use his hands for other tasks without having to physically hold the rope to keep control.

Two models of the CMC Rescue 8 are available. Both versions are designed for use with 9.5-13mm rope and are CNC machined out of 12.5mm (0.5 inch) plate. The Aluminum version uses a special proprietary finish. This finish was developed by CMC to provide very high durability. The metal coating on a Rescue 8 protects the aluminum under it. When he coating wears off, it exposes the aluminum under it and it wears more quickly. The finish used on the aluminum CMC Rescue 8 provides the most durable aluminum Rescue 8 on the market.

The steel version of the CMC Rescue 8 uses a nickel-chrome plated finish. This version is perfect for very high-wear situations such as muddy and dirty environments or with dirty ropes. The steel version is also a good choice when many students are rappeling during training.

  • Steel CMC Rescue 8:
    • Weight: 539 gm (1.2 lbs)
    • Color: Chrome
  • Certification: NFPA 1983-2017 General Use

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