Crocodile Descender


The Climbing Technology Crocodile is a multipurpose rappel/belay device made from a hot forged light alloy. It is ideal as a rappel device or for use as part of a contingency anchor for lowering. It’s light weight make it a good choice for rappelling and various rescue operations.

Main characteristics:

  • The new design with wide vertical slots allows for easy insertion of the rope and a smooth flow of the rope both in the phase of recovery and abseiling.
  • Ideal for rescue operations, such as the lowering of loads or difficult recoveries with static and dynamic ropes with large diameters up to 12mm.
  • It allows the use of two ropes at the same time with each rope moving seperately. One can be locked while the other is moving.
  • It can be used with dynamic and static ropes.


    Weight: 67 g

  • EN 892 for use with dynamic ropes 8.5-11mm
  • EN 1891 A/B for use with static ropes 9-12 mm
  • UIAA – Conform to EN 15151-2:2012 type-2
  • Made in Italy

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