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Conterra designed the ∆V (Delta Vee) for the mountain rescue and sport communities. The ∆V is a unique device which functions as a traditional belay (descender) but also has rope rigging options. Not only is the ∆V a great choice for belaying and rappelling but it incorporates features for the professional.

  • CMC Machined: CNC machined construction from aluminum billet.

The progress capture “Guide Belay” mode (also called plaquette mode) is useful for safely helping climbers to keep them from falling. The load can also easily be released when the device is loaded. The anchor point of the ∆V is strength rated at 26kN so you can rest easy knowing it can safely arrest a 2 person load.

For rescue work, the ∆V works extremely well as part of a Two Tension Rope System. Two Tension Rope Systems are now the standard for Mountain Rescue teams. Conterra’s tests show that it passes the rigorous Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) competency tests for Two Tension Rope Systems component devices. The ∆V also can be used as a 26kN rigging plate to organize a rescue system.

The ∆V is machined from solid billet stock in Conterra’s Bellingham, WA ISO 9001 facility. The ∆V works with 8.8 to 11mm ropes and weighs in at just 95g. With it’s multi-use capability, the ∆V should be on every mountain rescue technician’s harness.


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