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The Director Swivel Boss is a compact, swivelling termination connector designed to load in the strongest orientation. Ideal for lanyards, these lightweight, versatile and strong carabiners are easy to handle and can reduce the overall length of a system.

  • Autolock Gate: Safe self locking gate requires three movements to open and locks closed automatically.
  • Certification: Certified to EN 12275 – Mountaineering Equipment – Carabiners
  • Certification: Certified to EN 362 – Personal Fall Protection Equipment – Connectors
  • Hot Forged: Hot forged construction to maximum strength while minimizing weight
  • Integrated Swivel: Built in swivel allows the equipment to orientate itself and removes potential for unwanted torque

The Director Swivel Boss features a textile friendly, configurable eye, an extra short gate, a generous curve in the loading area and healthy gate openings. They can be retro fitted onto pre-stitched or swaged lanyard components or used in conjunction with DMM Linkits to form super short connectable systems. When used in conjunction with the DMM Director Yoke, it forms the ultimate swivelling, pivoting double connector.

The Director Swivel Boss is available with either a D-shape or Bow shape spacer depending on attachment requirements.

  • Major Axis MBS: 26kN
  • Gate Open MBS: 9kN
  • Dimensions: 64x 130mm
  • Certification: EN12275:2013 A/T, EN362:2004 A/T


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