Enforcer Load Cell


The Enforcer is a unique load cell designed as an inline connector for rope rescue and rope access systems

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The Rock Exotica Enforcer is a unique load cell designed as an inline connector for rope rescue and rope access systems. It is optimized to monitor rope systems or for use in testing. It is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN.

The Enforcer uses two sampling modes which can be set from the front control panel. The slow mode samples data at 2 samples/second. Is designed for monitoring loads. The fast mode samples at 500 samples/second. It is designed for break testing and measuring dynamic events. Fast mode can be used for drop testing while recording data in high precision.

The Enforcer can be set to display and record data in kilograms (kg), pounds (lbf) and kilonewtons (kN).

The Enforcer has built in bluetooth for connecting to an iOS device. The iOS app allows monitoring of the load cell, displaying real time graphs, changing settings, and downloading data. The iOS App is available from the Apple iTunes store. It must be purchased separately.

NOTE: The Enforcer swivels are for positioning only. They are not designed for high speed rotation and are not designed for use with steel cables or wire rope.

Testing Capacity: The Enforcer will measure up to 20kN. If you exceed 20kN it will permanently say “Overloaded” on the display. You can still use it for testing, but not for life safety. The safe working load limit should be determined by the user. A 6:1 safety factor will give a 6kN Working Load Limit.

Calibration: The Enforcer should occasionally be calibrated with a known force to verify it is accurate. During use, the user should be aware of the forces being measured and stop using the Enforcer if there appears to be an error in measurement. If this happens, the cause should be investigated. Rock Exotica recommends the Enforcer be returned to Rock Exotica annually for calibration.

Durability: The electronics are designed for outdoor use and durability but could be damaged by dropping. The electronics are water resistant to light moisture but are not waterproof and the unit should be protected from rain and other direct water exposure. If it is used in such conditions it can be wrapped in clear plastic. In this case, make sure it is dried out later.

  • Materials: Anodized aluminum alloy body, Corrosion resistant steel axle.
  • Sampling Mode: Slow, Fast
  • Certification: CE 0120, EN 795:2012, EN354:2010, EN365:2004, CEN TS 16415:2013
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 36kN
  • Force Measuring:
    • kN: +/- 0.1kN, maximum 20.0 kN
    • kg: +/- 10kg, maximum 2040 kg
    • lbf: +/- 20lbf, maximum 4500 lbf
  • Maximum Measurement: 20kN
  • Accuracty: +/- 2%
  • Length: 203mm (8 inch)
  • Width: 53mm (2.1 inch)
  • Weight: 400g (14 oz)


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