Lift-It Pulley Set

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The Lift-It pulley set combines double pulleys with a progress capture in order to raise and lower a load. The two double pulleys create a 4:1 mechanical advantage system so the user only has to pull 25% of the weight of the load.

When lifting with the cam engaged, the rope will be held in place if the user releases their grip on the rope. When the cam is disengaged, allowing the rope to slide through the pulley system lowers the load.

Note: Although each component used in the system has the appropriate EN certification, since this system is assembled from components it is not certified as a complete system. It is up to the user to determine appropriate safety margins.

Lift-It Pulley Set Set Components:

  • 1 EA x Climbing Technology – Ascender Simple+

    The Ascender Simple+ can be used as a chest ascender, hand ascender, or as a rope grab for hauling and rope rescue. The Simple+ is made from light aluminum alloy to minimize weight.
  • 2 EA x Climbing Technology – Orbiter T Double Pulley

    The Orbiter T is an aluminum double pulley designed for w­o­r­k­ ­at­ ­he­i­g­h­t­ and rope rescue use. It is ideal for creating 4:1 systems for use in confined space entry and rescue work.
  • 3 EA x Climbing Technology – Pillar Pro TGL Carabiner

    The Pillar TGL is a hot-forged light aluminum carabiner with an oval shape, autolocking gate, and elevated workloads. The carabiner is particularly suitable for work at height, recovery and rope rescue operations, mountaineering, speleology, aid climbing and big wall.
  •  Courant – Truck 2.0 11mm Rope, White, 1m

    Truck 2.0 is an 11mm kernmantle life safety rope designed for work at height rope access and rope rescue use. It features a nylon sheath and nylon core and is certified to EN 1891.
  • 1 EA x DMM – Transit Rope Bag, 30L

    The DMM Transit Rope Bag is designed to provide convenient storage and transportation of up to 45 liters worth of equipment. The Transit features a semi-rigid bucket style design makes it easy to store and carry rope and other gear to and from a job location.
  • 1 EA x Maillon Rapide – Q-Link Quick Link Oval 8mm

    Maillon Rapide Quick Links are used as connectors for personal protective equipment (PPE) and for rigging. They can be opened to easily attach components and when closed provide a secure connection.

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