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The Rock Exotica MiniEight descender features side ears that let you easily adjust friction and accommodate a wide range of rope sizes. The small size makes it a perfect choice for an escape descender or for tactical use.

The side ears make it very easy to tie off a rope. The Rock Exotica MiniEight is designed for use as a small descender but also works great for tensioning small diameter ropes and accessory cords such as used in a camping hammock.

The MiniEight is CNC machined out of 7075 aluminum. 7075 aluminum is harder than the alloys usually used to make figure 8s. Because of its small size, this makes the MiniEight more durable than if it was made of a softer aluminum.

The MiniEight descender is designed for a tight fit on a 12mm carabiner such as the Rock Exotica Pirate carabiner. The attachment hole has a rubber o-ring that grips the carabiner frame. This keeps the carabiner from rotating around when attached to the MiniEight.

The MiniEight descender has a small belay slot that will fit up to a 8 or 9mm rope.

Note:Although the RockExotica MiniEight is designed for use with ropes up to 13mm diameter, we have found it works best with ropes between 8 and 10.5mm diameter.

  • Weight: 60 gm (2.1 oz)
  • Height: 92 mm (3.6 inch)
  • Width: 82 mm (3.2 inch)
  • Max Rope Diameter (Single Rope): 13 mm
  • Max Rope Diameter (Double Rope): 10.5 mm
  • MBS: 14kN


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