Patroller Edge Roller

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The compact Patroller Edge Roller maintains efficiency when managing multiple ropes moving at different rates.

Technicians often need to place more than one rope in an edge roller however, once the ropes move at different rates, all the benefit of a ‘roller’ is lost. Even if the stretch in the ropes is slightly different, they both compete for control. Remember, rollerless edge friction effectively doubles the load during a raise. With an efficient edge roller, a 3:1 system should be all that is required to raise a single person. Without this, or with ropes fighting against each other, forces will be higher, more advantage will be needed, and complexity and time both go up.


  • High efficiency edge protection
  • Capable of running multiple ropes at different speeds and in different directions
  • Able to connect multiple Patrollers in a chain with mallions, cord or XSRE carabiners
  • 6 ≤ 14mm rope
  • Developed in conjunction with Ropelab


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