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Kernmantle rope is made up of an inner and outer section. The inner section of the rope provides the load bearing capability and the outer section provides a protective sheath over the inner section. Traditionally these two sections are not connected and move different. Teufelberger has solved this problem with their line of Platinum ropes.

In Teufelberger’s pattented Platinum rope, the previously independent elements of a rope are merged into one unit. The inner and outer sheath is woven together with a locking thread creating a mechnical permanent connection. This creates a rope with better handling and longer service life.

This has numerous benfits including:

  • Smoother use in pulleys and descenders since the rope sheath and core are moving together.
  • Longer life created by forces being evenly distributed through the rope.
  • Increased safety since damage to the core of the rope is isolated to a small section.

Teufelberger Platinum Protect PES/PA features a polyester cover has been employed with great success in many domains of work at height. It is especially suited for use in rope access procedures at extreme heights because of its unique design and low elongation.


  • Extremely low elongation
  • Good resistance to acids
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Stays flexible in wet conditions
  • 10.5mm certified with PETZL ASAP (B71+B71AAA) and ASAP Lock (B71ALU) according to EN 353-2


  • Core: Nylon
  • Cover: Polyester
  • Braid: 32
  • Diameter: 10.5mm (13/32 inch)
  • Weight: 78grams per meter
  • Minimum Breaking Stength (MBS): 28 kN (6300 lbf)
  • Elongation:
    • @ 300 lbf. = 3.3%
    • @ 600 lbf. = 6.3%
    • @1000 lbf. = 9.4%
  • Certifications: EN 1891A, NFPA 1983 Technical Use

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