PMP 2in Pulley

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Rock Exotica 2.0 inch PMP Pulley


The Rock Exotica Prusik Minding Pulley (PMP) is the perfect pulley for heavy lifting, hauling and tensioning. Both the single sheave and the double sheave versions of the PMP Pulley have a high 44kN MBS. They are both certified by UL to the NFPA 1983 “G” standard. They are also CE certified to EN12278.

The Rock Exotica Prusik Minding Pulley (PMP) sideplates are CNC machined to reduce weight while maintaining high strength. The PMP Pulley uses a 2 inch (51mm) sheave with high efficency sealed ball bearings.


  • Pulley designed with prusik minding (PMP) sideplates for safe use with a prusik rope.
  • The large 2 inch (51mm) aluminum sheave of the pulley is constructed with sealed ball bearings to keep the pulley as efficient as possible.


  • Max Rope Diameter: 13mm
  • Certifications: CE EN12278, NFPA 1983-2017 General Use
  • Strength: 44kN
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 8kN
  • Single Pulley
    • Weight: 280g (9.9oz)
  • Double Pulley
    • Weight: 575g (20oz)

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