Series 205 7m SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline)


A lightweight and compact retractable self retracting lifeline (fall arrest device) for work at height. The Climbing Technology Series 205 self retracting lifeline (SRL) is designed to provide safety from falls while working at height. A self retracting lifeline (SRL) works similar to a seat belt in a car. The dyneema line is spooled out while the worker is moving but in case of a fall, the line locks in place preventing the working from falling further. This allows a worker to safely move around an area while minimizing the danger.

Main characteristics:

  • Compared to traditional energy absorbing textile lanyards, it allows for greater freedom of movement and have a short fall clearance;
  • The terminal connector can be either attached to an anchor point EN 795 or to the sternal or dorsal ring of a fall arrest harness EN 361;
  • A combined braking system (mechanical brake + textile energy absorber) which enables a soft fall arrest regardless of the length of the extracted line;
  • The casing and drum are made from composite material;
  • Top of frame has multiple holes for anchor locations.
  • Equipped with an integrated Dyneema 15 mm fibre line with a length of 7 m;
  • Equipped with either a galvanized-steel snap hook or aluminum alloy carabiner for attachment to a worker.
  • Worker attachment includes integrated swivel and fall indicator.


  • Maximum Work Load: 136kg
  • Webbing Width: 15mm
  • Length: 7m
  • Standards: EN 360:2002, CE 0333
  • Weight:
    • With Aluminum Connector: 3.25 kg
    • With Galvanized Steel Connector: 3.45 kg

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