Omni-Block 1.5in Single Pulley


The Omni-block 1.5 single pulley is a small light weight pulley with integrated swivel designed for rope rescue and rope access use.

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The patented Omni-Block 1.1 Swivel Single Pulley has proven its value through the years as a unique tool for rope rescue and rope access. Normally a pulley has been used in conjunction with a carabiner(snap link) and a swivel in many applications. The swivel is essential to correctly orient the pulley and prevent rope from touch the side plates of the pulley and greatly reducing efficiency. The Omni-Block Swivel Pulley has a built in sealed ball bearing swivel instead making rigging easier. This also makes the pulley system shorter which is beneficial in situations such as confined space rigging.

  • Aluminum Sheave: Aluminum sheave provides long term wear resistance while minimizing weight.
  • Ball Bearing Construction: Pulley sheave mounted on ball bearings for maximum efficiency.
  • CE Certification: Testing performed by an independent lab to ensure the product meets the appropriate specification.
  • Certification: Certified to EN 12278 – Montaineering equipment – Pulleys
  • CMC Machined: CNC machined construction from aluminum billet.
  • Integrated Swivel: Built in swivel allows the equipment to orientate itself and removes potential for unwanted torque
  • Large Diameter Sheave: Large sheave size preserves efficiency by minimizing the bend radius of the rope.

The Omni-Block 1.5in Swivel Single Pulley gives you the most flexibility to do your job safely and more efficiently than a traditional pulley.

The unique double locking sideplate gives you secure access to the pulley while you’re still connected to the anchor. With a traditional pulley, the pulley must be disconnected to remove or attach a rope. The Omni-Block Pulley allows a rope to be attached or removed without disconnecting the pulley. This is safer and also helps preventing accidentally dropping the pulley.

The 1.5 inch Omni-Block Pulley is the perfect size for use with work-at-height and rescue ropes. The 1.5 inch sheave works efficiently to help raise and lower heavy loads such as during a two person rescue. The single and double sheave pulleys are available with an aluminum sheave. The single sheave version is also available with a stainless steel sheave for use with wire cable. The single sheave version is also available with a shackle top for attaching into a semi-permanent location.

NOTE: The Rock Exotica Omni-Block Pulleys are available in 1.1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2.0 inch, and 2.6 inch versions.


  • Gives you secure access to the pulley without the need to remove it from a carabiner(snap link).
  • The swivel top allows the pulley to orient as needed in response to the load.
  • The patented Omni-Block is the only pulley on the market featuring a swivel top and sheaves accessible while still connected to the anchor.
  • Pulley body is machined from a solid block of aluminum for strength and weight optimization.
  • Shortens the length of rigging by combining the pulley and swivel in one device.
  • The sheave of the pulley is constructed with sealed ball bearings to keep the pulley as efficient as possible.


  • Sheave Diameter: 1.5 inch (38mm)
  • Max Rope Diameter: 13mm (.5 inch)
  • Strength: 36kN
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 8kN
  • Certifications: CE EN12278
  • Single Sheave Pulley
    • Weight: 260g (9.2oz)
  • Stainless Steel Sheave Single Pulley
    • Weight: 303g (10.7oz)


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