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The newest rope in TEUFELBERGER’s rigging portfolio is the polyester rope tREX. It is a low-stretch hollow braid rope consisting of 12 strands. Thus, our tREX is specifically designed for use as a standard rigging line, soft eye sling, or loopie.

This hi-vis rigging line is easy to splice while maintaining a supple feel and excellent abrasion resistance. tREX’s distinguishing features include its color design: each hi-vis strand is solution-dyed to prevent loss of color throughout use. Furthermore, our tREX is wax coated, which keeps it from getting rough fast, prevents the ‘snagging’ typically encountered with such ropes and also increases the rope’s service life significantly. tREX comes in diameters from 9.5 mm to 22.2 mm as well as different colors


  • Standard: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as amended
  • Cover: polyester
  • Plait number: 12
  • 9.5mm (3/8 inch)
    • Color: Orange/Blue
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 26kN (5,840 lbs)
  • 11.10mm (7/16 inch)
    • Color: Orange/Red
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 34kN (7,640 lbs)
  • 12.70mm (1/2 inch)
    • Color: Orange/White
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 44kN (9,890 lbs)
  • 15.90mm (5/8 inch)
    • Color: Orange/Yellow
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 66kN (14,830 lbs)
  • 19.10mm (3/4 inch)
    • Color: Orange/Green
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 91kN (20,450 lbs)
  • 22.20mm (7/8 inch)
    • Color: Orange/Blue
    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 128kN (28,770 lbs)


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